Pets Mobile Grooming Services

Cats and dogs need to be groomed regularly! Doing this will not only aid to save your money, but your adorable dog or lovely cat will love you after grooming. Grooming usually contains cleaning and examining your pet’s mouth, removing dust from their eyes, trimming nails, and a bath utilizing organic shampoos and conditioners. If you are living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and want to book your lovely pet a friendly and reasonable grooming session, then contact our team @ Crazy Pets in the City. Our team is on the road seven days a week and 365 days a year to carry high-quality pet grooming to your doorways.

Our mobile pet grooming vans in Abu Dhabi are fully air-conditioned and modified with high-quality equipment to guarantee the safety, relaxation, and cleanliness of your adorable pets. At Crazy Pets, we only use verified and high-quality products to attain the outcomes you are looking for. Every individual product that we use is designated from the Grade A in the pet grooming business. Our facilities are affordable and flexible; we attempt to accommodate our customers’ requirements and demands at every stage.

Why Select Our Mobile Grooming Facility?

Friendly And Skilled Groomers

Pets want to get used to the individual who grooms them to feel comfortable. We can create a relationship with your loved one in a short duration of time. Don’t be shocked to realize them playing calmly after just a couple of periods.

A Safe Grooming Place

Maximum pets find it tough to keep their feelings in control while going to a pet salon. Pups, in specific, can become confident in the company of other dogs. While contacting our mobile grooming facility, you should not worry about the temperament of your loved ones as we have highly trained groomers who know the natural habits of your pets.

High-Quality Grooming Products

Crazy Pets is not just an ordinary pet grooming facility. The organic shampoos, conditioners, and additional products that we utilize are Grade A in the pet grooming business.

Save Your Quality Time

Car travel is good for most pets, however, for some pets, it is an openly terrifying experience. But, for cats and dogs in the City, you do not need to put your loved one through such difficulty and save your traveling and waiting time too. Our grooming service via vans is just a call away, and our team will arrive at your doorway as soon as possible.

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